World Class Tier 1 Bank Utilizes FileNexus® to Manage and Archive Hundreds of Millions of Credit Card Statements

A World Class Tier 1 Bank offering card services needed to securely archive sensitive customer information, automate key processes, and facilitate Customer Service inquiries.

FileNexus Fast Facts
Card Services benefits
  • Management and archival of hundreds of millions of credit card statements
  • Instant recall and management of virtually any record
  • Faster call resolution for CSRs with access to exact duplicate of customer statement and mailing inserts
  • Streamlined key processes – Electronic statement stream burst into individual client statements; indexed and archived to Card Services’ pre-set instructions
  • Workflow automation such as self-serve IVR reprint requests by clients using their phone keypad
  • Secure data repository in a redundant raid array – eliminate filing cabinets, microfilm, storage facilities, etc.
  • Big savings – since FileNexus® acts as the archive repository for customer statements, Card Services no longer has to pay a third party for this

The FileNexus® Document Management System stores, manages and archives hundreds of millions of card statements for the Card Services division of a large World Class Tier 1 Bank (“Card Services”). The Card Services portfolio includes MasterCard® and Visa® cards and a wide range of private label credit cards and rewards cards for large retailers and service industry providers.
Using an outside company to generate their printed statements, Card Services has the printer return the statement stream to them as an electronic file. Once Card Services uploads the complete statement stream, FileNexus® automatically bursts the information into individual client statements, and indexes and archives the information to the Card Services’ pre-set instructions. No user intervention required.
Data is stored and archived in a redundant raid array (backup hard drives). No paper, no microfilm or filing cabinets required. Everything is available to the customer service desktop. An encrypted and secure repository of information is created in FileNexus® and can only be referenced by those with appropriate security access.
Card Services uses FileNexus® to manage and archive hundreds of millions of credit card statements.
Comparing apples to apples
Card Services employs more than 800 customer service representatives (CSRs) across North America. Previously they would have to reference a computer green screen when dealing with customer inquiries. Trying to match information back to a customer’s printed bill was a time consuming process. With FileNexus®, CSRs have instant access to an exact duplicate of what a customer would have received in the mail. Now both the customers and CSRs are looking at the same things in the same format —statements, notices, offers, etc.—which makes for clearer conversations and faster call resolutions. What’s more, Card Services saves money by archiving its own bills – instead of having the print-on-demand supplier do so.
Automating key processes saves time and overhead
Customers can also dial into Card Services’ IVR system to request things like a reprint of a card statement. The request is sent electronically to FileNexus®, which immediately locates and retrieves the required information, and requests a reprint and mailing of the statement. Card Services has saved both time and money by automating this and other key processes with FileNexus®.

About FileNexus®

The FileNexus® Document Management System gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source (i.e. paper records such as faxes and scanned agreements and reports, electronic files such as host generated reports, client statement streams, credit card statements, IVR recordings, etc.), index and compress them for secure archival and future recallproviding a single cohesive repository for all document management, workflow, archival and business continuity needs.
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