FileNexus® Cloud Services – BUSINESS CASE BRIEF


Where you are today…

If you’re like most organizations, you have mission critical records spread out over a variety of media and sources (host systems, email, file servers, filing cabinets, PC’s, phone systems, off site storage and so on). The only way to aggregate this disparate information into a single cohesive file for management, archival, audit and compliance purposes is to print everything – often many times.

Filing, retrieval and management of these records consumes significant staff resources. Your consumption of forms, paper and the expense of supporting equipment such as; printers, faxes, photocopiers filing cabinets, third party storage and document destruction services etc. is considerable. To calculate your current costs click: here.

What FileNexus does…

FileNexus is capable of catching electronic data streams (host reports, cleared payments, statements, emails, PC files, wav files from phone systems etc.) and scanned images (in the case of existing paper) from any source, organizing them to your specific requirements, and archiving them into a single cohesive solution for recall, compliance, workflow and disaster recovery. To learn more about FileNexus click: here.

The Numbers…

Client Set Up – Establishes dedicated client instance in the FileNexus multi-tenant cloud.

The one-time charge to establish your account is $995.00 – with no long term commitment, no penalties for early termination and all stored information returnable to you.

Base Site Standby Fee – Is the monthly standby charge to maintain the FileNexus client instance – including all hosting infrastructure (Microsoft Azure), server software licenses (MS Windows and SQL), FileNexus Cloud access and corrections/version releases for FileNexus core operating software. Also includes one FileNexus Web Client power user (named) and a ready to deploy project for archival and management of PC generated files (email, Word etc.).

The Base Site Standby Fee is $295.00 – far less than it would be to acquire a dedicated server, the relevant MS Windows and SQL software and the associated costs of maintaining this environment on a month to month basis. This fee also provides you access to the same FileNexus technology used by representative organizations, employing millions of staff worldwide, for mission critical document management – with none of the associated capital costs.

FileNexus Web Client Power Users – The Web Client is a ready to deploy user interface for advanced searching, recall, and management of stored records. The Base Site Standby Fee comes with the first Web Client user. Extra FileNexus Web Client Power Users are priced at $70.00 per month per named user.

While results may vary on a site by site basis, FileNexus customers have reported that using the Web Client has allowed them to dramatically improve workflow times (generally 2 or more times faster), all while consuming fewer staff resources (generally 20%) in doing so – see client quotes here. It has also been reported that 3rd party service fees (for example, from outside auditors) have also been dramatically reduced –see here. Using these basic assumptions, let’s assume a department has 10 staff making $60,000.00 per year. If deployment of the FileNexus Web Client improved staff efficiency by 20%, the organization would realize a salary saving of $10,000.00 per month in exchange for acquiring 8 FileNexus Web Client users for $70.00 each, or $560.00 per month.

Cost per Page/100k PC Data on Capture – Is the one time charge when a record is first captured. Up to 8 years of archival for each record from time of capture is included at no additional charge (.12 cents per page/year thereafter).

Studies have indicated that the cost to produce a single page in a typical corporate environment is in the range of 5 to 8 cents. Other studies indicate that the true cost (including multiple copies for work flow/filing/disaster recovery purposes, offsite storage, staff time locating files etc.) may make the actual cost over the entire document life cycle many times that. The cost to capture a single page (or 100k of PC data) on FileNexus, including up to 8 years of storage at no additional charge, is 2 cents one time.

Cost per Page/100k of PC Data on Retrieval – Is the charge for you to recall a record from the system.

Most organizations have mission critical records spread out in a variety of sources (host systems, file servers, email, off-site storage etc.) – locating and managing records for workflow, audit, records management and compliance purposes can consume significant corporate resources. FileNexus allows you to locate relevant records instantly and recall exactly what you need for a 1/2 cent per page. Is this more or less than you spend to do the same thing right now..?