FileNexus® Enhanced Web Client

FileNexus Web ArchiverA number of new enhancements have been made to the Web Client—designed to improve search, view and download functionality.

The FileNexus® Web Client incorporates most of the key features of the full Windows Client, with no software to install or updates required on the user’s PC. Users have full access to their documents online, at all times from any location.

Key additions to the Web Client include:

Archive Documents to FileNexus® Directly from a Web Interface
In addition to being able to search for and manage your archived documents using the Web Client, the new Web Archiver allows users to upload documents to FileNexus® from any PC using a standard web browser.

Persistent User Settings to Search for and View Documents
The latest Web Client allows end users to customize their search screens as well as their search results view; regardless of the PC they are using to log into FileNexus®. Customizations will persist at the individual user level, until the user changes their preferences.

Advanced Pick-List Searching
Now users can not only select search values from an auto-populated dropdown, but key in a word or characters to autofilter the pick-list items; resulting in faster and more efficient searches. As a user types a word or characters in a highlighted dropdown, FileNexus® auto-filters the pick-list items based on what is entered.

For further information on the Web Client, please contact Loris Technical Support at (416) 252-4701 and press “3”.

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