FileNexus for Financial Services

The FileNexus Enterprise Document Management System gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to capture virtually any type of document from any source (i.e., paper records such as maps, drawings, manuals; electronic files such as host generated reports, client statement streams, emails, IVR recordings, etc.), index and compress them for secure archival and future recall-providing a single cohesive repository for all document management, workflow, archival and business continuity needs.
“FileNexus was a big contributor to help us increase our productivity by up to 80% in certain business areas.”
Jim Williamson, VP Information Technology,
The Independent Order of Foresters™
Here are some examples of how brokerages, investment firms, credit card and consumer finance companies use FileNexus in different parts of their operations:

All Departments
Capture, Organize & Archive Any Type of Record, From Any Source

FileNexus provides a single cohesive repository to automatically capture all of your information from third-party applications, print streams, email, images, IVR recordings, PC files, Web Forms, Portals; you name it, and automatically index and organize these records just the way you like.

Automate Any Workflow Environment

FileNexus allows you to automate any workflow, organizing pending tasks, providing personalized workflow action buttons and interface, based on individual user requirements.

Manage & Track All Aspects of Your Business

Use FileNexus dashboards to track and report on business workflow outcomes, functions, staff productivity, etc. FileNexus can also automatically export key information for use in spread sheets or other third-party analytics applications.

Automatically Distribute & Allow Access To Data By Staff, Vendors, Or Clients

Automatically capture, manage and securely distribute data electronically from any source – from host reports, to payment streams, to client statement runs. Distribute and allow access to information by way of portals, through integration to third-party application screens or the FileNexus Web Client.

Two-Way (Push-Pull) Integration With Third-Party Applications

FileNexus provides for two-way integration with such third-party apps as CRM, Finance, Accounting, Administration, HR, etc. by way of web services, ActiveX, URL links, command line parameters (depending on the platform). FileNexus can update other applications as new records come in (for example, tell another system that a bill has been paid) or retrieve information from other systems to update the files it stores – either way, staff time doing data entry and keying errors are dramatically reduced.

Supports Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans

FileNexus ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster. It fits into whatever environment you have (physical, VM, cloud, multiple site, cluster, SAN, NAS).

Supports Compliance With Audit & Regulatory Requirements

Automated audit log tracking of all record movements/versions/locations, protection of original records, retention scheduling, data encryption, advanced user security controls and many other security features are ready to go “out of the box”. Many FileNexus users consider FileNexus a cornerstone in helping them comply with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, OSFI, FATCA, PIPEDA, PCI, Litigation Support, HIPPA, Audit and so on.

Eliminate Third-Party Costs For Storage, Hosting, E-Presentation, Media & so on

Eliminate costs related to document production, storage, hosting fees, shredding, media, retention, etc.

Proven Performance

Representative organizations employing millions of people now rely on FileNexus as their mission critical document archive, workflow and records management strategy.

Customer Service

Securely Capture & Archive All Client Information – Everything From Everywhere

All customer service records from any source including but not limited to applications, correspondence, emails, contracts, confirms, bill statements, phone records, IVR recordings, complaint resolution process, etc. – everything from everywhere. No paper, no filing—a comprehensive client profile instantly available to the desktop at the click of a mouse.

Automate Workflow Processes from New Client Sign-Up To Account Close Out

FileNexus can dramatically streamline the client management process by creating, capturing, indexing and securely archiving all on-boarding, account management and close out documents into one streamlined client workflow process—dramatically speeding up client support resolutions and rationalising operations.

Keep Your Client Information Secure

Using appropriate security privileges and access controls, FileNexus can be configured to ensure managers, CSRs and individual clients view only the information they are entitled to see.

Seamless Integration With All Customer Service Systems

Integrate FileNexus with your existing systems, including but not limited to CIS, CRM, Call Centre, Contact Management, IVR, etc. Access archived files directly from your host system screen with the click of a button. All client information from everywhere—instantly. All you require, right when you need it.

Web Portal Access For Clients

Automatically capture and store all client related information such as client newsletters, confirms, statements, etc., and link it to your existing web portal. FileNexus can be set to automatically notify your clients when new information is available, and allow them to review all previous information.

Card Services

Automatically Capture, Archive & Manage Electronic Statement Streams

FileNexus can securely capture, burst and index statement streams from multiple sources, such as print service providers and internal composition systems, on the fly and e-notify clients as needed. No user intervention required. Eliminate expensive third-party hosting and print/mail costs.

“The Loris service for support is fantastic! With all the vendors I deal with, Loris ranks number one!”
Wayne Woo
Chase Card Services

Mortgage Services

Retail & Commercial Lending

Automate the entire lending process from application to final funding for things such as purchases, refinancing, large loans and equity deals. Monitor and track the entire process to increase resolution speeds, gauge efficiency, track staff productivity and optimize operational efficiencies.

“For Mortgage Services, FileNexus has improved processes within our department by alleviating the need to request and search for physical files. It has streamlined and created more efficiency in our workflow process.”
Aviva Braude, Director of Mortgage Services
The Equitable Trust Company

Deposit Services

Capture all client documents including information on deposits and GICs. Automate rollovers and renewals, early redemptions, cancellations, etc. all directly within FileNexus. Monitor and track the entire process to gauge efficiency and track staff productivity.

Web Portal Access for Clients, Producers, MGAs & Staff

Distribute and make available all relevant and appropriate documents, data, and policy statements, etc. to your clients, producers, managing general agents and other staff.

Insurance Services

Producer Contracts

Receive and archive producer contract documents to facilitate and automate the on-boarding process. Streamline the whole workflow from receipt of paperwork to approval processing and response. Options could include web based sign up forms, validation, background checks, voice signature capture, tracking SLAs, prioritizing sales channels, etc. Integrate with related internal and third-party systems such as compensation, contract approval and issuance.

“We went from taking days and weeks to service requests – down to hours, within days of implementing FileNexus.”
Jim Williamson, VP Information Technology
The Independent Order of Foresters™

Policy Documents

An end to end process for the intake of signed insurance applications. Automate and manage workflow, track efficiency of and report on the entire policy issuance process from intake to issuance.

Wealth Management & Securities

Account Opening

Capture, manage and distribute all client account opening documents including—by way of FileNexus—web based form applications, electronic signatures, emails including attachments, voice signatures, decision documents, etc. This includes FileNexus workflow automation using event triggers and custom web based forms. FileNexus integration for account opening in host systems.

Report Capture & Management

Automatically capture, burst, distribute, manage reports such as commission, confirmations, statements, trading reports, for example Broadridge® reports, etc.

Client Files

Automate and manage “know your client” files including statements, renewals, broker reassignment, etc.


Automatically capture, archive, burst and distribute selected research documents to clients and/or staff.

“We were really impressed at how fast FileNexus was set up. After one week, we had three portions of what we were planning on implementing already up and running. Very few companies that you work with are able to implement that quickly.”
Janet Manske, Head of Information Technology
Peters & Co. Limited

eDiscovery & Compliance

Automatically capture and securely store all emails with attachments and related documents. Easily search, identify, and monitor for legal/compliance reasons.


Securely Capture & Archive All Financial Information – Everything From Everywhere

All financial information from any source includes but is not limited to AR, AP, yearly pack audits, cheque streams, general ledger, monthly financial reports, client transactions, dividends, reorganizations, trading blotter information, contracts, etc. Easily comply with regulatory requirements for document retention and significantly reduce the turnaround time on pulling and referencing reports and payment information. No paper, no filing—a comprehensive financial profile instantly available to the desktop at the click of a mouse.

Automate The Entire Procure to Pay Process

Create workflow processes to streamline and automate Accounts Payable procedures from purchase order issuance, approvals, orders, delivery, receipt of goods, billing, vendor invoicing, automated capture of cleared cheques, etc. Instantly retrieve any or all invoices for variance analysis or audit purposes, allowing the tracking, streamlining and automation of the entire AP process.

Automate The Accounts Receivable Process

Dramatically simplify the Accounts Receivable process from capture of orders, statements, invoices, remittance stubs, call centre collections information through to capture of payment streams from bank clearing centres. FileNexus can even be set to automatically update host financial systems (for example, with payment notifications) – no manual data entry required.

Automatically Capture, Index, Burst & Distribute Financial Reports

Burst and distribute reports, such as the daily review and monthly financial reports, based on employee title, allowing electronic access and completion – even remotely.

“FileNexus gave us the results we wanted, fast – with no surprises. What else can you say?”
Peter Sweers, SVP and Chief Operations and Information Officer
The Independent Order of Foresters™

Seamless Integration With Existing Financial Systems

Integrate FileNexus directly into the workflow engine of your existing financial or accounting application—eliminating paper-based approvals and providing instant access to all archived documents directly from the host screen.

Web Portal Access For Vendors, Staff or Clients

Use FileNexus to automatically capture, distribute and make available relevant financial information by way of web portals.

Human Resources

Capture & Archive All HR Information

Electronically capture, index and securely archive all HR information from sources such as resumés, offer letters, performance reviews, timesheets, benefits documents, payroll data, reprimands, policies and procedures, etc.

Track The Hiring Process To Completion

Store and search through resumés, job applications, test results, references, etc. and track the hiring process through to completion.

Annual Reviews & Staff Management

Automate the whole annual review and staff management process with workflow-based routing of review forms for management approvals, vacation requests, timesheets, event triggers, notifications, etc.

Web Portal Access For Staff

Allow employees secure access to their own information such as pay stubs, vacation requests, performance reviews, etc. through a self-serve portal.

Automatically Capture & Distribute HR Information

Capture and securely distribute electronic data such as pay stubs, corporate announcements, manuals, health and safety data, etc.

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