Integrate FileNexus® Document Management Directly Into Your Mission Critical Business Systems

FileNexus IntegrationsWhile many companies log directly into FileNexus® to archive and retrieve their documents, the system can also integrate seamlessly into any mission critical business software, collaboration tool or other interface. Whether your main tool is a CIS, an ERP system, SharePoint, a web portal, a proprietary product or legacy software, FileNexus® can work in the background, embedding robust document management functionality into your key business applications.

At its most basic, a FileNexus® integration can allow your users to click a link in your host screen to retrieve the right document instantly. In more complex scenarios, FileNexus® can conduct database lookups, update your host system with new information, and even automatically initiate business workflows—all from within the host application. The depth of the integration is based on your specific business needs.

Integrating FileNexus® into your core applications will allow you to:

  • Find mission critical documents fast. Users can find anything from anywhere (applications, file servers, scanned documents, emails etc.) without leaving their desk or host application screen.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry. FileNexus® can automatically update other applications with information from newly archived records such as payment data, correspondence, complaints etc.
  • Speed up workflows. Processing and routing documents like service applications, invoices and approvals is fast, with instant in-app access to key documents.
  • Improve customer service. Instant availability of customer information means faster response times and happier clients.
    Encourage high user adoption. By staying inside your main existing environment, you eliminate the need for staff to learn a new user interface.

Common Integration Tools
Integrating FileNexus® into your mission critical systems is straightforward. We’ve designed FileNexus® so that you can easily leverage Microsoft’s integration technologies including Web Services. You can also use DOS command line parameters, web URL-based command line parameters, or custom scripting for older or proprietary systems, which may have unique requirements.

Fully Supported by Loris
We can provide documentation in the form of manuals and coding examples. We also have integration specialists standing by to work with your internal IT team, external software vendors, web masters etc., as you require.

See FileNexus® Integrations in Action
The following videos demonstrate a number of different ways in which FileNexus® has been integrated into client and web portals and host systems:

For more information on how FileNexus®’ integration capabilities can improve your business efficiency, please email Loris Technical Support, or call 416-252-4701 and press “3”.