Twelve Great Reasons To Choose FileNexus®





1. IT HANDLES JUST ABOUT ANYTHING FROM ANYWHERE – FileNexus® can index, collate, archive and manage virtually any data type (images, text, PDF, AFP, PC files, emails, faxes – you name it), from any source (host systems, PC’s, scanners, photocopiers, etc.), via any connection (LAN, WAN, Internet).

2. YOU CAN START SMALL AND GO REALLY, REALLY BIG – FileNexus® is a fully modular system that is equally at home in small departmental applications or the enterprise – with the power to handle literally billions of records with virtually no effect on performance.

3. IT INCORPORATES FULL BUSINESS AUTOMATION AND REPORTING – FileNexus® includes all of the necessary tools to automate any business workflow task fast. Passing information to and taking information from other applications (host applications, web sites etc.), push-pull tasking and notifications based on rules you decide – it’s all there. What’s more, FileNexus® can track and report on the progress of all workflows with the dashboards you want and/or pass select data to other third party applications for further analysis.

4. IT’S A “REAL WORLD” APPLICATION – It’s up and running fast (in a matter of weeks – not months or years), it’s easy to learn for the user (about 10 minutes), consumes very little IT time to administer (maybe 30 minutes a week), and can utilize storage/back up devices you probably already have in place. It also means that FileNexus® has the flexibility to work the way you do now, right out of the box – with the of power to get as sophisticated as you want, when you want, with an absolute minimum of fuss.

5. IT’S A TRUE ARCHIVAL SYSTEM – Many technologies allow users to amend a record after it’s stored, or delete an item from an intact file set (so you better not throw out those filing cabinets quite yet). While we’re happy to give you back a live working copy of a record anytime you want, once a record is stored to FileNexus®, it cannot be altered or amended – even by a system administrator. Any notes and markups are done as “overlays” and are always stored separately from the original file. Just as important, records cannot be deleted unless permitted by your corporate retention schedule. All document versions are stored, dated, fully recoverable and auditable – making it an enormous time saver where audit, compliance and litigation are considerations.

6. GREAT SECURITY EQUALS GREAT PRIVACY – FileNexus® has highly advanced, easy to administer security features that keep sensitive documents away from prying eyes. Even if you’re granted access to view a particular file, what you can and cannot do with it is fully configurable in FileNexus®. Our advanced logging features track who looked at what, and when, and is exportable in report form or as a file. Unauthorized staff cannot “surf” through client data, nor is data readable if your hard drives are stolen – since all archived files are encrypted.

7. DATA INTEGRITY – FileNexus® allows you to export all of your stored data in either its original file format (for things like text data, PDF, email, PC generated files etc.) or in industry standard format such as TIF (for scanned images) – your data is never trapped in a proprietary format. If you’re burning disks for Disaster Recovery, FileNexus® will automatically seed the stored data with key indexes helping make all your data rapidly recoverable if disaster strikes.

8. YOU CAN INTEGRATE IT WITH OTHER APPLICATIONS – Using web services, active-X controls and/or direct links URLS, FileNexus® can be easily integrated into 3rd party applications and web portals – meaning that you can access records stored in FileNexus without ever leaving your existing application screen.

9. WE’VE GOT A LOT OF GOOD NAMES BEHIND US – FileNexus® is used in a broad range of industries such as Banking, Manufacturing, Securities, Retail, Food, Healthcare, Utilities etc. – organizations, big and small, who are serious about results and who do their homework before they buy. Our innovative technologies, no-nonsense business approach and superb client support have earned us the business of representative organizations that employ millions of people, generate hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue and control trillions of dollars in assets worldwide. These are the organizations that have made FileNexus® what it is today…

10. WE’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR A WHILE – Incorporated in 1980, Loris Technologies Inc. is a leading innovator in the programming, development and on-site deployment of our own document management software – we are the “OEM” and it’s what we do!

11. FILENEXUS® IS AFFORDABLE – FileNexus® is modular and sensibly priced – no hidden fees or charges. The average total system payback, out of hard operating costs alone (i.e. such as paper, microfilm, storage etc.), is generally less than a year. Staff efficiencies gained by workflow automation have the potential to reduce the payback time much further. In fact, many FileNexus® users have commented that they have been able to both speed up workflows dramatically and do so with far less staff time. What’s more, we can often tailor a month by month, zero interest payment plan direct from Loris Technologies Inc., that allows you to pay for the system entirely out of savings, quit anytime you want with no penalty or contract termination fees. Who needs a budget?

12. OH, AND YOU CAN ACTUALLY PILOT FILENEXUS®** – Still not convinced? You can conduct a production level pilot of FileNexus® on-site, with your data, at minimal financial risk. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll have no further obligation whatsoever. If, on the other hand, you like what you see, we’ll credit everything you paid for the pilot toward your deployment costs. What could be easier than that?

* “FileNexus®” is a Trademark of Loris Technologies Inc. – all other Trademarks property of their respective holders.

** Please refer to your proposal and attached wordings for full terms and conditions – don’t be surprised if they contain no surprises!